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Saturday, April 17

Great Finds Issue #28

What to do when you don’t live close to a book store?

Two words – Thrift Shop!


Ghost in the Castle
by William MacKellar

Promises in Death (In Death, No. 28)
Promises in Death
by J.D. Ross

Point of Origin
by Patricia Cornwell


Who's Been Sleeping in my Grave? (Ghosts of Fear Street #2)
R.L. Stine's Ghost of Fear Street #2 Who's Been Sleeping in My Grave?
by Stephen Roos

Judy Moody Goes to College
by Judy McDonald

All Souls' Night (Blood Ties, Book 4) (Bk. 4)
Blood Ties Book Four: All Souls' Night
by Jennifer Armintrout

The Grave
by Charles L. Grant

Family Tree by Katherine Ayres

The Damnation Game
by Clive Barker

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