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August 8, 2013

Review - The Art of Steampunk, Revised Second Edition

The Art of Steampunk
Revised Second Edition
B Art Donovan
Forward by Dr. Jim Bennett
Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing
Pub. Date: July 1, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-56523-785-8
Retail: $19.99
Pages: 168


The steampunk genre is becoming more and more popular every year thanks to recent books, television series, movies, and video games; all blending modern & futuristic technology with the 19th Century Victorian era or the American Wild West, creating steam power technology.

Artists have jumped into the steampunk genre by making original art pieces that look like they literally jumped off of the pages of a book and into reality. Author and artist Art Donovan has complied some of the most beautiful and unique pieces from authors such as Ann Pedro, Anna Dabrowska, Camryn Forrest, Evelyn Kriete, Filip Sawezuk, Jessica Joslin, Mikhail Smolyanov, Sam Van Olffen, Amanda Scrivener, Thomas Willeford, Cliff Overton, Daniel Proulx, Eric Freitas, Haruo Suekichi, Ian Crichton, James Richardson-Brown, Jesse Newhouse, Joey Marsocci, Jos De Vink, Kris Kuksi, Molly Friedrich, Richard Nagy, Stephane Halleux, Tom Banwell, and Vianney Halter.

Caravan Assault Apparatus, 2009, by Kris Kuksi

March 29, 2012

Review - Wicked As They Come

Wicked As They Come
BY: Delilah S. Dawson
PUBLISHED BY: Pocket Books
ISBN: 978-1-4516-5788-3
Pages: 406

    After taking a locket from a former client’s home, Tish Everett, an in-homecare nurse, the locket transports her to a bizarre world called Sang, where she meets a Bludman named Criminy Stain. Bludmen drinks blood just like vampires, but they are not dead, they are very much alive. And unlike vampires who are immortal, Bludmen live longer than humans, but they can also die. In this world, the humans are called Pinkies. Criminy is a magician and traveling carnival act owner who guides Tish through Sang. Of course, Tish believes everything is just a dream and follows Criminy’s lead into this world that is similar to ours, as there are cities called London and Manchester. There are Bludbunnies, Bludrats and even Clockworks in this paranormal tale.

    Delilah S. Dawson’s debut novel is completely different than any other paranormal romances out on the market, as she has created an original but strange new world featuring vampires with a slight twist, and has put in a little of steampunk here and there. I liked the character Tish as she is more like the girl next door and is more believable. The Bludmen Criminy is a wacky character that most readers will enjoy. The steamy love scenes between the two are well-written and surprisingly not over the top. There are lots of twists and turns as you get to explore Sang. Luckily, there is a sneak peak at the next book; Wicked as She Wants, which I can’t wait to read, but it doesn’t come out until next year. I recommend Wicked as They Come to all paranormal/steampunk romance readers.

*I would like to thank Pocket Books for sending me a copy to review.


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