March 7, 2013

DVD Review - Jayce & the Wheeled Warriors Volume 2

Jayce & the Wheeled Warriors - Volume 2
Voice Cast:  Darrin Baker, Len Carlson, Luba Goy, Charles Jolliffe, Valerie Politis, Dan Hennessey, Guilio Kukurugya
Studio: Mill Creek Entertainment
Release Date: February 19, 2013
Running Time: 729 Minutes
Rated: TVY7


I'm a big cartoon fan of anything from the 1980s and I was more than excited when I signed up to review Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors Volume 2 courtesy in exchange for my honest review. The series aired in 1985 for one season consisting of only sixty-five episodes (the standard life-time of an average kid's show). It was based on the line of Mattel toys.

The series used the 'good vs evil' plot. Jayce's father, Audric a botanist, created a miracle crop that could grow in any environment, but things go horribly wrong when a solar flare sends a burst of radiation causing his plants to mutate. The first plant is known as Saw Boss and the others are his Monster Minds. The plants are evil creatures who can transform into vehicles. Only a magic root can stop them. Audric has half of the root and his son, Jayce has the other half. Every episode has Jayce, along with the wizard Gillian, the telepathic Flora, the squire Oon and the pilot Herc Stormsailor (a rip-off of Han Solo from Star Wars), traveling to planet to planet searching for his father, but of course Saw Boss sends his Monster Minds after them.

The thirty-three episodes on volume 2 are:

Disc 1 - 33. Lightning Strikes Twice / 34. The Liberty Stone (Part 1) / 35. The Vines (The Liberty Stone, Part II) / 36. The Spacefighters (The Liberty Stone, Part III) / 37 Heart of Paxtar (The Liberty Stone, Part IV) / 38. Appointment At Forever (The Liberty Stone, Part V) / 39. What's Going On? / 40. DarkSinger /
41. Swamp Witch / 42. Deadly Reflections / 43. Early Warnings

Disc 2 - 44. A Question of Conscience / 45. Life Ship / 46. The Mirage Makers / 47. Do Not Disturb / 48. Dream World / 49. The Children of Solarus II / 50. The Gardner / 51. Armada / 52. The Chimes of Sharpis / 53. Galaxy Gamester / 54. Circus Planet

Disc 3 - 55. Common Bond / 56. Mistress of Soul Tree/ 57. The Life Eater / 58. Wasteland / 59. The Oracle / 60. Short Circuit, Long Wait / 61. Time and Time Again / 62. The Source / 63. The Raid / 64. The Squire Smith  / 65. Final Ride at Journey's End

I was only four when the series aired on television, I do remember seeing the toys being advertised and I recall the catchy theme song. Last year, I won ten DVDS off of a blog giveaway, in which one of them was volume one. Yes, the series was intended to help sell the toys, but there were several great science-fiction writers, including J. Michael Straczynski, that crafted some intriguing episodes. Sadly, there were only sixty-five episodes made and there was no official ending. The series leaves Jayce and his Lightning League still searching for his father. I think it wonderful that Mill Creek Entertainment is bringing some of the short-lived cartoons from my childhood onto DVD at long last. The only thing I didn't care about volume two was the dopey cover. Overall, I had a nolgastic blast watching Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors.

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