February 28, 2013

Confess Your Blogger Sins!

Question of the week: Confess your blogger sins! Is there anything as a newbie blogger that you've done, that as you gained more experience you were like -- oops?

My Answer: I didn't make too many newbie sins. Sure, my first few reviews could have been longer and more detailed. When I first started blogging, it was for fun. I didn't know I could receive free books in exchange for a review. 

Note: If you have time, check out this week's Book Blogger Hop that I'm the new host of.


  1. The lure of the free book. It caused me much heartache to find out that some of these "free" books were CRAP.

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    My FF

  2. Those free books are putting me in the hotseat as I think I've over-extended myself and am scrambling to catch up! lol I have to agree with Lizzy above. Some of those free books have been...just awful. I try to leave constructive criticism that isn't harsh for those authors, e.g. "The storyline was intriguing but derailed at this point, this point, and this point." Try being the operative word. lol

    new follower via GFC! And I'm on the FF, too! tiffyfit.blogspot.com :)

  3. Reviews are something that takes awhile to find a style that suits you. My very first reviews (those on Amazon), I thought were really nice, but less than 100 words. Now I aim for at least 600 words. Someone once said to me that my reviews were too stiff and sounded as if I was writing an essay (I worry about that now).

    Jessica @ Literary, etc
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  4. There are a few things I wish I did differently, but like you, nothing major. My first book discussions were literally 2 sentences. They still aren't very long, but I guess that's just my style.

  5. I was copying some of my earlier reviews onto my Goodreads account and was so appalled by the length of some of my earlier reviews!

    My Feature & Follow Friday.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I'm not much of a reviewer- more on the writing/editing side of things, but free books- that's appealing.

    New follower. I hope you have an awesome weekend!




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