November 29, 2012

My Book Crush is ...

Question of the Week: Activity! Who is your to-die-for book crush? What do you think they look like? Add an image to make us all happy.

My Answer:  Sookie Stackhouse from the Southern Vampire Mysterious. From the books' description she is 5'6 with blue eyes and natural blond hair.


  1. That one's got hottie guys as well. Great choice! :D My FFs are at Musings on Fantasia and LKHill. Happy Friday! :D

  2. I happened to choose Eric for one of mine :) Great choice, I love Sookie.

    My FF

  3. Awesome pick! I love Sookie (so much so I was her for Halloween)!! How could anyone not love her?

  4. I have not read this series yet. I actually owned the entire series, took too long to read them and lent them to a friend. One day... New follower through GFC.

  5. Hopping through. I do think that Anna makes a great Sookie, although I haven't watched the show.
    My Hop

  6. There is another big difference between True-Blood-Sookie and Book-Sookie... in the book, she is described as having a very generous bosom...

    Old follower stopping by, giggling a little because you'll be assaulted with images of hot guys on most of the blogs you visit today;)

    Here's my to-die-for FF post

  7. Same as Lexxie said. I actually really dislike Sookie as a character, but I'll admit that I wouldn't mind a date or two. *g

    Patricia // My Hop

  8. Great pick! I've a girl crush on Sookie :) And would love to be friends with her.

    New follower!
    My FF



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