April 7, 2012

DVD Review - The Littles: The Complete Collection

 I have very fond memories of The Littles television show based on John Peterson’s beloved children books, and I was excited to watch the complete collection from Mill Creek Entertainment. All 29 episodes are on three DVDs. Honestly, I thought the series had more episodes. The show first aired in 1983 and lasted for three short seasons. In 1985, the Littles hit the big screen (but only showed in matinees) in the prequel Here Come the Littles. In 1986, they returned for the final outing in the made-for-television movie Liberty & the Littles.

    The Littles are only a few inches tall and have a mouse like ears and a tails. The main Littles were Tom and Lucy (brother and sister), their cousin Dinky, and Grandpa Little. Occasionally their parents appeared in a few episodes. They all live in the Bigg house, where a young boy, Henry Bigg, is the only one that knows of the existence.

    Of course, every cartoon needs a villain, and in the Littles, it is a crazy doctor who wants to prove that the Littles are real. With the help of Henry, the Littles always managed to out wit the mad doctor.

    The Littles has a clever and catchy theme song during the opening credits. The opening changes every season. During the first two seasons, at the ending of the episode there was a short segment where the Littles teach how to make a small toy out of everyday household items, but for them these items for tools or vehicles. During the third and final season, the segment switched into a history segment.

    I was two years old when The Littles aired, so I only recall bits and pieces of the series. It was shock watching the third season as the show premise changed. The Bigg family is traveling around the world and Littles go with them. Cousin Ashley Little is the new addition to the series. I was never aware that there were two movies until I bought the DVD.  Here Come the Littles told the story of how Henry learned of their existence. Henry goes to live with is cruel uncle after is parents go missing. Tom and Lucy accidentally fall into Henry’s bag. Dinky and Grandpa Little learn of their disappearance and go out to rescue them. The movie was a flop and panned by critics during its original release in 1985. The move slightly takes a darker tone while continuing the humor of the series. I thoroughly enjoyed it, which I cannot say the same for the made-for-television movie. Liberty & the Littles ditches Henry Bigg, and involves the Littles traveling to New York for a 4th of July vacation. Dinky crashes their plane near the Statue of Liberty where they meet a village of other Littles. Sadly, this was the last of The Littles! I wish they had a better exit, but I am more than happy that they are on DVD and I can relive some of my childhood.


  1. I vaguely remember this show. Like you, I was very young when it was on. I might have to look this one up for my son, though.

  2. @Sarah PSMomReviews

    It's a great who for kids and you can buy at a low price.



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